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Do you consider yourself as having any of the following disabilities. If so please make the practice aware via our contacts page, telephone or speak to reception.  We can then put in place any help you need to access our services. This important information will of course be kept confidential and will help improve our service to you.


Hard of Hearing/Deafness ?


Visual impairment or blindness ?  If yes do you need letters and information printing in large print or braille ?


Physical Disability ? If yes please describe your disability in your own words when you contact us.


Do you use the following mobility aides?  Wheelchair/Motor Scooter/ Walking Stick/Crutches.


Learning Disability? If so do you need help with reading and writing.

Contact us directly on: ( 0114 ) 272 7768 day or night

190 Duke Street
S2 5QQ

Please note we not able make appointments or give test results via email please contact us by phone